Coming Nov 5: Middleman Burr in Georgia!


Have you ever wanted to learn what it takes to write a hit song? Whether you’re a novice or an experienced songwriter, here’s the event for you.

On Thursday, November 5, Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr will present a songwriting workshop and concert at Eddie Owen Presents @ Red Clay Music Foundry in Duluth, Georgia.

It’s an a la carte menu; you may choose the workshop, the concert or both. As always, the best value and choice on that menu has to be the combo platter. Here’s what you’ll learn at the workshop:

•  An assortment of tricks that will help you come up with ideas even when you think you’re stuck
•  The qualities that make lyrics great, and how to write good ones yourself
•  How a song should be structured – and how it could be structured
•  How to give and receive advice that is helpful, constructive, kind, and effective
•  The keys to collaborating with other songwriters
•  Shortcuts that will allow you to create music for your song even if you don’t play an instrument

Here’s what you’ll hear at the concert:

• Original music from two award winning songwriters
• Catchy melodies, thoughtful lyrics and warm harmonies
• Behind-the-scenes tales of the music and the music makers
• Brand new songs from Middleman Burr’s debut album  I Like the Sound of That

This will be a memorable evening of story, song and laughter that you don’t wanna miss!

Tickets for Middleman Burr @ Red Clay Music Foundry are available here.