To Fly Or Not To Fly

At the end of the first week of August I have a show to perform in New Hampshire. That means I have to fly. I could drive but I’d have to leave today to get there on time.
No such luck. The show is with my band Laurel Canyon, the CSN tribute band with Mark Hudson and Mark Mirando. It’s a blast to do these shows. The songs, the harmonies, the hang…all wonderful. The downside is: I am going to have to get on an airplane. I truly thought that by the time flying became an issue for me, the pandemic would be a bit more in our rear view mirrors.

I am not freaking out per se about the show. It will be one of those outdoor, drive in shows. Everyone in the audience will be in a car. We are going to tell them, in lieu of clapping, to turn on their windshield wipers. The sing-a-longs will get a little tricky. Maybe they hit their horns instead of singing.

But now I have to get there.

I am a cautious man. I have no doubt that I will do my part to keep myself safe. Unfortunately, judging from our infrequent trips to Publix or Lowes….Tennessee still has an impressive number of morons who don’t dig the whole “science” vibe. 

So I am going way over the top.

I got one of those disposable suits to wear on the plane. Actually TWO. When I land, I strip and dispose, baby!!! I’ll keep my ID in a plastic bag. I’ll have a carry on so no one but me ever touches my “stuff”. 

I won’t eat. I won’t drink. I won’t talk. I used miles to go first class so I have a little more room. I bought a visor and will wear a mask as well.

I will be unidentifiable. I will be….safe?

When I get there, the three of us will keep our distances and refrain from eating in restaurants. It seems that New Hampshire is a pretty safe place to have a show (if you had to choose) so that’s a plus.

I guess there is a chance that everything could blow up again between now and August 7. Maybe New Hampshire will not allow Tennesseans into it’s borders thanks to the above mentioned morons. I admit it will not break my heart if that happens and circumstances beyond my control dictate that the show can’t happen.

It would suck cause it’s a good money show and I am ALL about the dinero.

If anyone has any horror stories…lay ‘em on me. If any of you have words of encouragement…ley ‘em on me. If any of you have any recipes for a nice casserole…lay ‘em on me.

You got till August 7th to talk me out of it or help me sleep at night.