It’s Labor Day. Yikes.

It’s Labor Day. The ultimate contradiction since the name implies that this is the day we labor.


But no….


We get today off. A nice three day weekend.


Yesterday was March. I’m pretty sure it was. What? September?


We blinked and we are at the end of the summer. What a strange feeling. Georgia and I had a whole summer’s worth of shows and traveling to do and it went away.


The last five months have been full of home made desserts and Peaky Blinders.


What has been the craziest thing is my writing. I’ve gone nutso with it. Turns out when I have to write… I don’t like to write.


When I don’t have to write…I’m a wild man.


Songs are leaking out of me like ….


I’m sorry. Every simile I can think of right now is disgusting.


“Like _______ out of a runner’s ____ who just carb loaded at Taco Bell.”


“Like __________from the _____________ of a teenage boy on Prom Night”




See? I can’t stop writing sensitive and pithy lyrics.


By the end of Labor Day I will undoubtedly have labored myself into a new song. I have about three albums worth. What do I do with them? My storage room can’t hold any more boxes of cds with my face on them. (Maybe I should always put Georgia’s face on my cds. Then they would sell!)


I could make videos for all the songs and put them up on Youtube. (If I were twenty and had forty more years to live.)


I could find a plugger here in town and actually shop them around to the new artists and see if anyon…….sorry. I couldn’t even finish typing that sentence. I was laughing too hard.
So….Happy Labor Day everyone. Blink and we’ll be wishing each other a Happy Thanksgiving and then a Happy New Year.


I’m going to invest in some of those eye clamps like they used at the end of “Clockwork Orange.”
Can’t blink….can’t lose any more time.