ACM Review

Okay. It’s time for the old guy to yell at the kids to get off his lawn. Here are my thoughts about the ACM Awards show last Wednesday night.


I actually liked the format they had to use to stay safe. I would much rather have a show with no audience than one with an audience that’s being told when to cheer and probably sweetened with canned cheers in the production booth.


Yay Bluebird!!! Even though it was barely recognizable…the tables were different, the pictures behind the stage were different…even the MIC STAND was brought in special. Still. Everyone got to see where we work.
It is kind of sad that, despite being a country music awards show, it took a pandemic to get the show in Nashville.
How did they figure out who was going to be where when the winners were announced? That is perplexing. Did they put an award on a stool at every venue and make sure one of the nominees was standing by to walk out and accept? Logistics, baby!!!


Do you ever get down on your knees and thank the Spanish language that the word for girl is “senorita?” Without that one word, country music would never be able to have songs about margaritas.


I will chime in and complain like all old songwriters. There was a time when every song up for song of the year was written by one writer, maybe two. Now, with one exception, every song seems to be written by committee.


Two of the ladies from Runaway June were suppose to come over last Wednesday and work on a demo but they cancelled at the last minu…oh. That’s why.


I have decided that, while most of the songs are now about the same thing, it has come down to the producers to make them all sound different. It is mildly entertaining to hear how they manage that.
Lovely “In Memoriam” spot. When they do it at the Oscars, they are all famous…..but it’s sure a lot harder when some of them are friends.


All in all….one and a half thumbs up. Nothing I would stay up for but I was willing to tape it and watch it in sections. Georgia and I actually had our own show the same night.
I gave that show two thumbs up.