Georgia and Gary just got back from an amazing weekend of music with new friends at Songwriting With: Soldiers in Belton, TX.  With Darden Smith and Monte Warden, they wrote songs with the veterans about their experiences in the field and coming back to America. For more information about this great organization, please go to:

In the video below, enjoy a song that Georgia wrote with veterans Shynice Pedro, Natasha Willford & Stacy Pearsall called “Just Trying To Find Myself”.

Here’s a song that Gary wrote with veteran Kevin Clay called “I Drive”.

Our thanks to the talented James Monk for filming and editing these videos!

Listen to more songs that Georgia, Gary, Darden and Monte wrote with the soldiers in the music player below.  If you’d like to support this worthy organization and bring music to more veterans, please download the music and donate to Songwriting With: Soldiers here.