Well, I did it.

I booked the session for this week. This Thursday we go in and start the record. MY record.

I went with a very stripped down band. I am not even sure what songs I am going to record. I have been writing like a fiend these days. I’m trying to stick to songs that I wrote by myself or wrote with Georgia. We have plenty of those. I have a couple of contenders that I have written with other people. One of them might slip in.

I figure I’ll do about seven songs with full band and then two or three more just acoustic, recorded here at the house.

I usually wait until the record is done before I decide on a name. I wrote a song about my Dad’s business that might make the record. My Dad had his own electrical contracting business the whole time I was growing up. I even worked at the family business for a few years. I was suppose to take the business over at some point but music got in the way. My Dad fought off the unions his whole career. He had a non-union shop but paid his guys really well and was beloved by them all. When his heart started to go bad he sold the business to his foreman. Within a year the union came in. Within another year Burr Electric was out of business.

I was thinking I might call this record Burr Electric.

That would work, right?

The record is a lot of songs played electrically with a band…so…”Burr Electric!”

I’m a clever little willy, aren’t I?

By the way…I really enjoy writing these blogs. I am not sure what I expected them to be…or DO for me…but I am finding it very cathartic to share my thoughts like this. Even when those thoughts are dim and inconsequential.

My Master Songwriting Class is coming out soon. I will be sending out all kinds of emails about that. I like to think that the class is totally separate from my Monday Musings. The musings were not setting you up to be pummeled by requests to buy my class. If any of you want to learn how to be songwriters…you’re going to be given that opportunity soon enough.

If you think to yourself…”Hey! He’s only been sending me these blogs so he can sell me something!!”

I beg to differ.

Picture it like a bodega with a gambling parlor in the back. You can browse around the bodega. Buy some baklava. Buy some gum. Who doesn’t like gum?

While you are shopping I might, in passing, mention that there is a card game in the backroom if you are interested.

That doesn’t make my gum any less delicious. Or my baklava any less flavorful and dripping with honey.

My Musings are my bodega.

My Songwriting class is the poker game in the back.

I hope that clears it all up for you.

I will let you know how the session goes in my next musing.

The day after the session I head to Chicago to play with Laurel Canyon, my CS&N Tribute band with Mark Hudson and Mark Mirando.

Somewhere in the middle of all that my class comes out.