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Each week since the quarantine began (which has been 13 weeks now) we’ve written a new song to play on our Wednesday night Pajama Party on StageIt … and then we’ve made those songs available for all you lovely people to listen to, right here. (We can see you. You’re lovely.)

Hope you’ll join us on Wednesday night at 8:30CST!!!! Follow the Middleman Burr Facebook page for updates! Or check our Virtual Tour page for all upcoming shows!

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Our latest quarantine song is called “The Miracle.

The chorus says:   “I don’t want to leave before the miracle.”

Our new song says that you don’t want to give up and walk away because you might be walking away just before something wonderful happens.

This song is the thirteenth quarantine song Georgia and I have written.

We’re stopping now.

Sure, the next one might be the best one. But we’re done.

Our new quarantine song is called The Day That We Stop Trying.
I would truly love to tell you that last Saturday morning I walked into the studio and Georgia said “Ready to write a song?”

And I replied…”Well the day that we stop trying is the day that we start DYING!”
And then she said “That’s a great idea for a song!”

But that’s not what happened.
I walked into the studio and Georgia said “I’m not writing a song with you unless you go back upstairs and put on some pants.”  That didn’t seem like a great idea for a song so we came up with this idea.
Still good.

Our latest song is titled “He’s Got A Hope.”
We settled on that title after discussing and dismissing these alternatives titles:

  • “He’s Got A Boil”
  • “He’s Got A Lot Of Nerve”
  • “He’s Got Something In His Left Hand!!!”
  • “He’s Got Something But The Tests Haven’t Come Back Yet”

Hope you enjoy it.

Noble gas (chemistry) noun
any of the gaseous elements helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, and radon, occupying Group 0 (18) of the periodic table. They were long believed to be totally unreactive but compounds of xenon, krypton, and radon are now known.

Noble rot (French: pourriture noble; German: Edelfäule; Italian: Muffa nobile; Hungarian: Aszúsodás) is the beneficial form of a grey fungus, Botrytis cinerea, affecting wine grapes. Infestation by Botrytis requires moist conditions. If the weather stays wet, the damaging form, “grey rot“, can destroy crops of grapes.

Noble Ones
The subjects of our latest song now available on our Middleman Burr Facebook page. It is not about helium or grapes. It’s about YOU. The Noble Ones who are out there every day doing whatever it takes to keep themselves and everyone else safe and get each other through these interesting times. Plus it’s a catchy little number. You’ll like it.

Sure. There’s a lot of songs about doors OPENING.
But what if you DON’T want a door to open?

Georgia and I faced that very issue this past weekend when we sat down to write our latest quarantine song. It’s called “Don’t Open The Door.”

We send it out to all of you who have doors both real and metaphorical that you wish would NOT open.

My Uncle Philip was addicted to sugar. I begged him to stop eating sweets I said “Uncle DeeDee (that’s what we called him) …you have to stop!”

He responded…”I’m forty seven years old. Why start stopping now?”

I always thought that would be a good song title but was embarrassed to use it while Uncle Deedee was alive.

Last year Uncle Deedee traveled to Africa where he was killed and eaten by an indigenous tribe somewhere in Sierra Leone.

So Georgia and I were free to use the title.  We wrote this.

Friday morning I sat down at the piano and began playing. My hands seemed to have a mind of their own and began to unveil something new to me. Something wonderful.

It was haunting. It was lilting. I played the piece over and over.

I woke up Saturday morning and couldn’t remember the damn thing.

So Georgia and I wrote this.  It’s called “Better Than It Was.

Is Disco dead? No it is NOT! Not as long as Gary still has a white suit and Georgia has 6-inch heels that light up when she dances (and they do). Our latest quarantine song, “I Just Want Her Back,” answers the age old question: “If Studio 54 was still open, would they let Gary and Georgia in?”

This past weekend Georgia and I sat down and tried to come up with a fitting tribute to the wonderful Spanish guitarist Fransisco Tarrega (1852-1909).
We missed by about a million miles. We wrote this. It’s about love. It’s a song that says you know even less about some things than you ever thought possible. 

Is it Monday? Is it Wednesday? No. It’s just… Day.
We can look at this as days of trapped boredom… Or we can look at it like it’s one more day when we can do whatever we want for as long as we want as long as we can do it from home.Our new song says “Don’t forget how this feels.” When the rat race starts up again – and it will – let’s all remember how it felt “when we didn’t know what day it was.”

Are you soft in the middle? Do you worry a lot? Or do you worry just enough? Here is our latest song, “You Being You” Hope you enjoy it. Check it out. It’s free. What have you got to lose?

“Everything Is Different Now”
is the song we wrote for our third StageIt Pajama Party. We decided to get away from the socially conscious genre and write something fun and funky. As funky as WE are able to get. Please enjoy and feel free to sing along.

When the world outside your front door is suddenly off limits…and you cancelled HBO last month…..that’s when you realize how clear the line between what’s truly important and what is not important really is. That, my friends, is called PERSPECTIVE. And someone had to write a song about it. So we did.

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